Company Profile

Powerbridge is a NASDAQ listed (PBTS) provider of software application and technology solutions and services to corporate and government customers engaged in global trade in China. Founded in 1997, Powerbridge pioneered global trade software applications with a vision to make global trade operations easier for customers. Since inception, Powerbridge has continued to innovate by developing technologies that enable successful delivery of a series of solutions and services that address the evolving and changing needs of thousands of its customers.

Powerbridge's corporate and government customers are facing increasing challenges as the world‟s trade ecosystems continue to grow in size and complexity. Costs associated with global trade, such as logistics performance, border control and international connectivity remain high. Potential savings from more collaborative and efficient trade processes could reduce the costs of global trade significantly. The need for greater efficiency and cost savings are driving the transformative shift for all players in the global trade ecosystem to become more connected and collaborative.

Powerbridge's comprehensive and robust solutions and services include Powerbridge System Solutions, Powerbridge SaaS Services (software-as-a-service) and Powerbridge BaaS services (blockchain-as-a-service)1 , deployable on premise and in the cloud. Leveraging twenty plus years of deep domain knowledge and strong industry experience, Powerbridge provides a series of differentiated and robust solutions and services that enable corporate and government customers to handle and simplify the complexities of global trade operations, logistics and compliance.

[1] Baas Platform in Development